Uranium Australia's Projects

Uranium Australia Pty Ltd (UAU) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Polymetallica Minerals Ltd. UAU is dedicated to exploring for uranium and thorium world class uranium projects in the NORTHERN TERRITORY and polymetallic projects in WESTERN AUSTRALIA. Its parent company has commenced exploration for other commodities, primarily rare earths, nickel, copper and other base metals) in 2009. Our projects are at various stages of exploration.

Drilling at Batchelor Project (NT)

In the NORTHERN TERRITORY, Uranium Australia explores two projects - Batchelor and Green Alligator which are located within the Pine Creek Orogen's Rum Jungle Mineral Field. Pine Creek Orogen is a main uranium producing area in Australia. Deposit grades here are in the range 0.185–2.0% U3O8. Ore tonnages range up to 31 million tonnes (Jabiluka2). The best known historical and currently operating uranium mines in the area include Rum Jungle Creek South, Ranger and Jabiluka.

At Batchelor/Green Alligator UAU is focusing on the low-cost, high-value unconformity related uranium mineralisation which occurs on the carbon-rich interface between the Coomalie Dolostone and the Whites Formation. Unconformity-type uranium deposits contribute about 20% of Australia’s total uranium resources inventory, and altogether, represent about 30% of the world’s low-cost category resources. Last year, Pine Creek Orogen has produced about 10% of global uranium supply. Deposits in Rum Jungle tend to occur at shallow depths and historically had grades of between 0.2% and 0.6% of uranium.

Uranium Australia in Pine Creek (NT)

The largest of the uranium deposits, RUM JUNGLE CREEK SOUTH which is located on the boundary of Uranium Australia’s exploration leases occurred at a very shallow depth and was mined at a grade of 0.48% uranium for approximately 9 million pounds of uranium oxide.

Uranium Australia’s Northern Territory projects extends for 20 km from the pit wall of RUM JUNGLE CREEK SOUTH which was the largest uranium mine within Rum Jungle Mineral Field (RJMF) along the uranium bearing carbon-rich interface which hosts all major uranium mineralisation within the RJMF. RJMF is the location of several high grade uranium deposits and mines and is the oldest uranium producing region in Australia. It is considered by experts to be the most promising area for the discovery of near-surface high-grade unconformity-style uranium deposits.

In Western Australia, Uranium Australia is exploring several projects located in the Ashburton/Gascoyne province. Prior to the introduction of uranium ban in Western Australia by the state government these projects were being explored by international uranium giants Comeco, Areva, Uranerz and the Japanese government uranium exploration arm, PNC Exploration Australia. Their work has lead to the definition of several areas containing uranium mineralisation. These uranium prospects include unconformity related, vein hosted, sandstone hosted and calcretic deposits. UAU has acquired all of the drill hole data, geophysics and geochemical data generated by previous explorers and it is ideally placed to reap the benefits of their exploration success.




Name Change

On 29 August 2011 shareholders have resolved to change the name of the company from Uranium Australia Ltd to Polymetallica Minerals Ltd. The name Polymetallica Minerals better reflects the multi commodity exploration potential of company’s assets. The name of Uranium Australia and associated trademarks have been transferred to our wholly owned subsidiary which will continue to explore for uranium within company’s projects.



Nuclear Fuel Assembly

A nuclear power station requires 33.7 tones of enriched uranium p.a. for every 1,000 MWe of power generating capacity. Compare this with a requirement of about 6 million tones p.a. of coal to fuel the same sized coal burning plant which will be emitting 8.2 million tones p.a. of carbon dioxide.

The world's current standing nuclear power generation capacity saves over 2.6 billion tones p.a. of carbon dioxide emission.

Uranium Australia is ideally positioned to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the increased demand for clean power and its only dependable source - uranium. 


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